Daily Rant – August 12, 2009

August 12, 2009

You know what pissed me off today? I was at Kmart (absolute worst) and I was standing in line. The dumb bitch at the register was standing there, taking her sweet ass time. She then stopped scanning someones shit because the register paper ran out. So instead of walking her fat ass 2 registers over, grabbing a roll of register tape, and walking her fat ass back, she calls someone over the intercom to go to her register. Then she starts complaining about the tape and bla bla. The guy comes, walks 2 registers over, grabs the fucking tape, and than puts it in.

This bitch was a fat fucking lazy disgusting person.

And I know how much she hates her job by her expressions she was putting out. I can’t help your 30 working at Kmart on a fucking register.

Go to school.


One Response to “Daily Rant – August 12, 2009”

  1. Gellmun Says:

    One time after killing more Grand Slams than a steroid ban, I was driving to IHOP for 3 or 9 passports, when I had to take the most massive shit. I stopped into a KMart, found the bathroom and took the most perfect double-tapered shit in my life. I killed every fucking cockroach in that fucking place.

    They banned me for life after I came out of the bathroom. Fuck that loser place. I buy my shit in bulk from Costco anyway. But I need to find a place that sells in ultra-bulk: I mean 20 lb. Pot Roasts are fine for a lite dinner but I need real fucking meals.

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