Daily Rant- August 14, 2009 YOUR TURN

August 14, 2009

Post a comment about what pisses you off.

Barack Obama?
Fast food workers?

Vent out your frustration to the only one who will care!


2 Responses to “Daily Rant- August 14, 2009 YOUR TURN”

  1. Moronio Says:

    I hate:

    Steroids (but my dream BFF Jose Canseco loves them)
    Gellman (Fatass stealing my thunder. And Fritos)
    Really nice high-end cards
    Common sense

    I love:

    Black men who are major assholes and cheated at baseball but say they didn’t do steroids (Albert Belle)
    Roided up Cubans and back-of-the-rotation pitchers
    Crappy cards from the ’90’s. (Garbage Pail Kids ROCK!!!!1111 LOL!!!!!)
    Not checking facts before I post anything on my blog.


  2. toriihunter Says:


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